A Portrait of the Artist…

About Collage

Aspiring writer. Professional reader. Bookworm. Doodler. List maker. Incessant Instagrammer. Tweeter. Ranter. Feminist. Socialist. Labour member. Eternal optimist. Occasional cynic. Old romantic. Believes in.. something. Bad Catholic. Pacifist. Tree hugger. Daydream believer. Does like to be beside the seaside. Poor swimmer. Dog lover. Adventurer. Occasional knitter. Gig goer. Shortarse. Constantly stuck behind a six footer. Five two. Size ten. Sometimes twelve. Constant sniffler. Knobbly kneer. Increasingly comfortably in my own skin. Fuelled by tea. Pie lover. Constant grazer. Slow drinker. Fast talker. Cheese, cake and bacon lover. Now and then baker. Crisp fiend. Comfort eater. Homebird. Irish mongrel. Half Tyrone. Half Dub. Adopted Scouser. Eldest daughter. First draft. Big sister. Party to a displaced patchwork family. Spud. Beer player. Tax payer. Reluctant grown up. Still learning. All opinions are my own.

Forever burning the candle at both ends.

When I grow up I’d like to be a writer…

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