Good Grief: The insatiable need to put pen to paper.


Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great, overdue pleasure that I present to you, the new blog.

It has been quite some time since I put pen to paper in this particular digital medium. I’m sure many had assumed, perhaps with some relief, that I had grown out of the habit, and perhaps to some extent that’s true.

When I began blogging with good intentions back in the hazy days of 2012 the viewpoint from this keyboard was very different indeed and while I have not, and hope never, to grow out of the habit of blogging, I must admit I began to feel I had rather outgrown the blog itself. It was as though go chase your dragon had served it’s purpose. We’d had good times and bad but sadly, we’d been growing apart for some time and I’d been neglectful, I’d been spending all my time with other blogs, I know it’s a terrible cliché but it really was all me.

In the past couple of years I’ve gone through a triad of change – new job, new flat and a new relationship – which have, in their own little ways, monopolised my time and attention.

That’s not to say I haven’t been writing, in fact I’ve done quite a bit, though in the more traditional, personal format of keeping a journal, and flicking back through the pages it’s clear to see why I’ve been so selfishly absent from this soapbox in the past while.

The thing is, I’ve been quite happy. I’ve had a good many pleasant distractions from my writing ambitions, it really is amazing how busy you can be when you find yourself with more leisure time and disposable income.

With that, I’ve found less time to scour the newspapers or become irrationally infuriated with stupid people on Twitter, at least not to the point of scrawling my rage online for the perusal of others. Not that I’ve been floating along in some sepia-toned bubble (despite what my Instagram feed may suggest), there have been many incensed scribblings in notebooks, countless drunken rants with friends and several lengthy tirades on Facebook and the welcome response they have received is one of the reasons why I have come back to the fold. On more than one occasion I’ve returned to this page with renewed indignation with the intent of relaunching my virtual soapbox out into the ether. But then I got distracted by a book, or foodporn on Pinterest, or any of the other indulgences I use to hide from the real world. I hope to be more scrupulous in my intentions this time round.

Another reason, and this is the thing, is because I found myself in my distracted contentment, responding to all the blood boiling things that usually would have provoked such a strong reaction with the simple, passive and defeated lament: “good grief“.

When I first began blogging it was with journalistic ambitions, and while those particular energies may have taken a back seat in the grand scheme of short term things, the fire in the belly is still there. I know that a few words on a blog won’t change the world but a writer simply can’t give up writing just because they’re too busy or too happily distracted or even too disenchanted, there will be always things to get one’s goat and biting one’s metaphorical lip will only go so far. As insatiable needs go, the need to write is quite a satisfactory one. So I am coming out of hibernation. I cannot, for my own sanity, sit back and simply say “good grief” when there are so many more words that should follow.

There are words that need to be written and I will strive to put them down on paper, virtual or otherwise.

So RIP go chase your dragon. Long live Good Grief.


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