Sometimes, anger and disbelief can only be articulated sufficiently through intense, overwrought sarcasm. In other news, praise be for Ched Evans, Patron Saint of Women everywhere. Advertisements

In which I reluctantly reignite the fire in my belly ahead of another fucking election.

The Muse and The Reader on the 6.27.

Full disclosure: I adore Malta.

  As someone who claims to be a writer, it can be quite shameful, even shocking, to admit how rarely you put pen to paper, however metaphorically. 

Welcome to your monthly dose of poetry.

How the hell did we get here?

As part of a nostalgic tribute to the fathers who formed our earliest musical memories and influenced our record collections, the writers of Getintothis marked Fathers’ Day with the sentimental pomp you’d expect of music writers. Here reads my contribution.

When you read a book that stays with you, the only thing to do is pass it on. Introducing a long overdue Recommended Read.

If working in bars for the greater part of a decade taught me anything, it’s that no one can deal with your Resting Bitch Face.